International Programs Committee Charge

Committee Charge/Responsibilities:

  • Foster faculty, staff and student engagement in international activities.
  • Serve as a representative/liaison for the division and provide updates to the division regarding international activities and opportunities.
  • Assist with establishing annual activities/strategies to meet the goals of CAFNR’s strategic priority in Developing Global Citizenship.
  • Assist CIP leadership in prioritizing grant opportunities that fit CIP and CAFNR’s strategic plan.
  • Support collaborative team building towards goal/target areas by identifying and engaging relevant faculty for sponsored activities.
  • Assist in hosting international guests and building international relations that meet CAFNR priorities for research and academic collaborations.
  • Assist in identifying and attracting potential international students, especially graduate students.
  • Represent CAFNR at international meetings and conferences deemed important.
  • Provide oversight to the annual Incentive Grant process that awards small grants to faculty to foster strategic international collaborations.
  • Support CAFNR’s ability to attract and retain international students and faculty, and grow engagement in student and faculty exchanges abroad.
  • Assist CIP and CAFNR leadership in strengthening relationships with Missouri companies and agencies who have international activities.