Technology Recommendations for Divisionally Controlled Classrooms

2020-21 Academic Year


  • Ample wireless connectivity for the class size (estimated at one Wireless AP per 30 students, in proximate location).
  • Flat Screen digital display or Projector/Screen with HDMI connectivity for a laptop if no PC exists in room.
  • Some type of audio capture device (wireless mic) for Panopto.
  • Sufficient audio amplification for classroom of 30 or more, from instructor and/or speakers for presentations containing video on projector screen or flat screen.


  • All of the above, in addition to having the classroom outfitted with AV equipment installed by the former Academic Support Center (ASC), that allows good visual presentation as well as good audio that is simple to use for instructor, such as standardized wireless lavalier mic.
  • The possibility of a resident PC in the classroom that has all necessary CURRENT software versions installed for presentations, i.e. PowerPoint, and other Office programs. May have specialized software unique to a particular class installed.
  • Document camera.


  • All of the above, with other items completing the classroom set up such as camera for capturing instructor for Panopto, larger classrooms of 60+ would have ceiling mount speakers, specialized monitors for live annotation capabilities. Some type of standardized central console for controlling various AV source feeds, resident PC complete with Zoom capabilities.