Employment Process


  • Fill out a Personnel Requisition.
    Send an electronic personnel requisition to your divisional fiscal officer.
  • Review Vacancy Notice.
  • Review application materials.
    Applications are screened daily and sent to you for applicants who meet minimum qualifications. If you would prefer that applications be screened for additional qualifications, please inform your Human Resources Contact. Current minimum and preferred qualifications are listed in the Vacancy Notice. All applications must be submitted to HRS before any employment offers are made in order to comply with University policy. Forward any applications sent directly to your department to HRS.
  • Interview.
    Schedule interviews with any of the qualified applicants.
    • Complete the Selection Documentation Form as you interview. This form serves as documentation of compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. (See HR 110 of the HR Policy Manual for interviewing guidelines. Call Human Resources if you need sample interview questions or assistance with interviewing.)
  • Check References.


  • Determine final candidate.
    Once you have determined your final candidate, prepare to make an offer by contacting your divisional fiscal officer.
  • Request Criminal Background Check (CBC).
    The final candidate will complete the online CBC process via the following link: www.validityscreen.com/apps/id/135/228/0/1. The hiring manager will provide the final candidate with a job offer letter or a candidate instruction letter. The following information about the position should be provided by the hiring department: Job ID/Vacancy #, Hiring Manager, Department and Job Title. This information is required in order to process the CBC request. HRS will notify the hiring department via email when the background check has been returned.
  • Make the job offer.
    Contact HRS to confirm the finalist’s start date and salary.
  • Confirm offer.
    Send a job offer letter to the employee to confirm the conditions of employment in writing; copy letter to HRS. Notify other interviewees that the position has been filled. Sending a letter to other applicants who applied but were not selected is also appropriate.


  • Document Selection Process.
    Return all application materials, including the hire’s application, to HRS, 130 Heinkel Building. You must also return a completed Selection Documentation Form. This information is included in the official record of the selection process, located in HRS, and serves as documentation in compliance with Equal Opportunity Commission guidelines.
  • Prepare Payroll Documents.
    Ensure that your divisional fiscal officer prepares all necessary payroll documents. For employees new to the University additional Payroll documents may be required, e. g. PDF (Personal Data Form), Appointment Notification Form, Direct Deposit Form, W-4 Form and the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) and voluntary Invitation to Self Identify form. Guides for filling out the I-9 and the PAF are available online.
  • Ensure employee attends New Employee Orientation.
    All new full-time, benefit-eligible employees must attend New Employee Orientation (see HR 108). This program is offered twice each month. Dates and location of sessions are available online, or you may call 882-2603. No pre-registration is required.
  • Contact Faculty/Staff Benefits.
    Medical and dental benefits, and higher level life and long-term disability insurance benefits, become effective on the first day of employment as long as the employee enrolls within the first 30 calendar days of benefit eligible employment. New employees should contact Faculty and Staff Benefits for enrollment and benefit information immediately at 114 Heinkel Bldg. or call 882-2146.