Peer Review of Teaching

Guidelines for Peer Reviews to Enhance Faculty Instruction

Early Feedback Evaluation

(Second month of semester)
Faculty member should conduct an Early Feedback Evaluation in the course to be reviewed.

Material Review

(Second or third month of semester)
Each reviewer* should conduct an examination of the course materials, previous student evaluations, teaching portfolio, early feedback results, and other pertinent items.

*Two or more reviewers who have a strong interest in teaching are recommended.

Classroom Observation

(Second or third month of semester)
Each reviewer should visit two class sessions. See Peer Review Observation Record (Word).

Student Focus Group Interview

(Third month of the semester)
Reviewers should select at least four current and/or former students to participate in a focus group interview; see Student Interview Questions (Word) to guide the process.

Post-Observation Reflection

(By the end of the semester)
Peer reviewers should summarize their comments after considering the following sources of information: faculty member, course material, class observation, and student focus group interviews.

Post-Observation Interview

Peer reviewers should meet with the faculty member to discuss their observations.

Faculty Member Should Prepare a Plan to Improve the Instructional Efforts

It is recommended that a follow-up peer evaluation be made after the course has been taught.