White Papers

A white paper is a request around a specific topic for a federal funding source.

When creating your white paper, please include the following.

  • Title
  • Request
  • Bill
  • Agency/account
  • Summary: 100 words (1 paragraph) as a summary of the request
  • Identified need: 400-500 words (5 paragraphs) describing the need for the funding and how the program benefits the agency
  • Requested action: 100 words (1 paragraph) with the specific financial request for funding
  • Institutional uniqueness: 100 words (1 paragraph) about why this University of Missouri program deserves the funding, using proof points and historical successes
  • Conclusion: 75 words (1 paragraph) for a conclusion about the role the program plays in solving the problem

You are welcome to use this Word template to format your white paper.