2020 Payroll Reduction Measures for Faculty and Staff

Payroll Reduction Options


Use the appropriate form to choose your payroll reduction option before 5 p.m., June 30, 2020.


Faculty and academic appointments, including postdocs, will take a 10 percent payroll reduction for three consecutive months in 2020 (July, August and September).

For faculty on nine-month appointments, the payroll reduction cannot occur during summer months, so it will occur for September, October and November 2020.

Faculty who have joint appointments with another unit will take the 10 percent reduction on their CAFNR appointment. The payroll reduction cannot be replaced with other sources of funding.

To those academic appointments for whom a 10 percent pay cut would result in a fall below the FLSA minimum, please see HR’s Q&A.  For additional questions, see HR’s policy and Q&A for faculty salary reductions.


Staff members can elect one of the following options:

  1. A one-time, work-week furlough in the 2020 months of July, August or September. According to HR 710, bi-weekly employees could begin furlough the pay period beginning June 28, 2020. Exempt employees could begin July 1, 2020;
  2. A 10 percent payroll reduction for three consecutive months in 2020 (July, August and September);
  3. A 10 percent FTE reduction for three months in 2020 (July, August and September).

Those who choose a furlough or FTE reduction cannot work during the affected time, including answering phone calls and email. For those employees who earn paid time off, it would not accrue during the furlough week, and would accrue at 90 percent for those taking the FTE reduction.

Please speak with your supervisor before making the decision to take the furlough option, as there may be times when it is difficult to be gone for an entire week, depending on the nature of your work.  For additional questions, see HR’s policy and Q&A for staff payroll reductions.

Exceptions, Considerations and Resources

Student employees and GRA/GTA/GEA appointments are not impacted.

Anyone who may have already made a voluntary payroll reduction or corresponding contribution will be credited for this action. (If you previously volunteered for the 10 percent payroll reduction for three months, you will be excluded from this action. If you previously volunteered for a reduction below the 10 percent, you are required to meet the full 10 percent.)

Exceptions to this mandate can be made for seasonal employees and newly hired employees (within past 6 months), and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Payroll reductions can affect benefits the closer you are to retirement; if you are within five years of retirement, we recommend consulting with a financial advisor. You may contact Mark Ellis, HR Generalist specializing in Retirement & Insurance, at 573-884-2350 or ellismw@umsystem.edu to discuss your specific circumstances. Please visit your local unemployment office if you have questions on how this may affect your benefits.


See these HR policies for more information.