Onboarding & Offboarding


  • Contact your local IT professional to let them know someone new is coming and be ready to answer the following questions:
    • What is their name?
    • When do they start?
    • Who do they work for?
    • What is their title?
    • Will they have an office and where?
    • Do they need a computer?
    • Do they need special software?
    • Do they need a phone? Voicemail?
    • What resources do they need access to? Network printers, files shares, distribution lists, etc.
  • Personalize your email address. Log into aims.umsystem.edu  and select Personalize Email from the Self Service page. A list of pre-populated options will be shown, Make your selection and press SUBMIT.
  • DO NOT share your University password.


  • Contact your local IT professional to let them know when you are leaving.
  • Transfer University files and data to the appropriate people.
  • Remove University data and software from personally owned devices.
  • Turn in all University-owned equipment. This includes but is not limited to computers, monitors, printers, adapters, chargers, USB drives and cell phones.
  • Transfer ownership of OneDrive Folders as needed. OneDrive accounts are deleted and are not recoverable when faculty, staff and students leave the university. Be sure the right people have shared ownership of the data.
  • Add new owners to Microsoft Teams that you manage.
  • Save or forward important email messages as necessary. After leaving the university faculty and staff email accounts are deleted and email is not retrievable. Please review the email account eligibility information for guidance on maintaining your university email account.
  • Forward your phone or change your voicemail message. Include information that will assist callers in knowing who to contact in your absence.
  • Put an out-of-office message on your email account. Include information that will assist people in knowing who they might contact for assistance.
  • DO NOT share your University password.

We have assembled some additional  information specifically for students who are leaving the University.