UM-AD Migration

BEFORE Thursday, May 23 : If you are not on the MU Network but use your University password to log into your computer, be sure that you have CISCO VPN installed and configured. Please review the VPN documentation.

ON Wednesday, May 22: Please TURN OFF your computers, both desktops and laptops, before leaving the office.

ON Thursday, May 23: The way you log onto your computers will change.

For Windows users, when logging into your computer after the move, you will need to choose “Other User”. Type in the domain UM-AD\username. If you do not see the “Other User” option, click on the power button to reboot your machine. If your machine was logged in during the account move, you will probably start seeing client pop-ups or failures. If this is the case, restart your workstation immediately.

For Mac users, following your normal login, Enterprise Connect will prompt you to sign in. The domain will need to be changed to Outlook will also bring up a pop-up window for you to enter the new account information. Enter the new domain in front of the username. Ex: UM-AD\username. For Mac users not mounting drives through Enterprise Connect, you may need to add UM-AD\username.

For those not on the MU Network: all of the above apply except you must connect to the Cisco VPN client BEFORE logging onto your computer. There may be some pre-migration configuration changes that need to be done for this to work. Please review the VPN documentation as soon as possible to be sure you are prepared for the migration.

Please review the FULL FAQ document for additional instructions concerning:

  • Changing WiFi and e-mail setting on your mobile devices
  • Zoom
  • Box and File shares
  • E-mail client issues
  • Username and Password Issues

If you have trouble please contact the MU Help Desk at 573-882-5000 or any of the CAFNR IT staff.

Helpful Links:
A Frequently Asked Questions document is available on the DoIT web page at
Additional detailed information about the domains and project can be found on the System web page here: