Submit Travel Authorization for Approval

Information from email dated May 10, 2021

To report planned and submit travel authorization for approval, please go to eCompliance and follow the steps below  –

  • Click the Travel Authorization module, then the Begin a new Travel Authorization Form button
    • If you are filling the form out as a proxy (for someone else), remove your name and type last name, first name for the search lookup function.  Click Continue.
  • Fill out the form according to your travel itinerary and agenda.  Most fields are required and those that are not required are labeled “if applicable.”
    • If traveling to a foreign country, your submission will be copied to the Export Control Office.  They will contact you as needed for more information.
    • The supervisor field  will be automatically populated  (if this is inaccurate, you can remove/delete the entry and use search/lookup feature to find correct supervisor).
  • When finished click the Save & Continue button
    • If a required field has not been filled out, it/they will be listed on the ensuing page before you can submit.
  • If all required fields are filled out, you will see a checkbox for final submission.  Check the box and click Submit.
  • Complete page will display options to View/Print the document, if desired.
  • The Requestor (not the proxy, if used) will receive an email confirmation.  The form will be forwarded to your listed supervisor for a decision.  Once a decision is made (by your supervisor), you will receive an email notification of the decision (Approved or Declined – if Declined, reason/comments should be provided by supervisor).
  • The authorization form is now complete.
  • If your Travel Authorization request is Declined, but you need to change or add information, you will need to begin a new form for review.

Supervisor Review

  • Your direct reports (as assigned in PeopleSoft) will submit their Travel Authorization requests to you for a decision (Approve or Decline) – also known as a “Review Assignment.
  • You will receive an email when a request has been submitted.  The email will have a direct URL to eCompliance.  Login to eCompliance and you will see the review page.
    • The completed Travel Authorization request will be listed on the left pane for review.
    • You can Approve or Decline the request.  If you decline the request, you will need to enter a reason or comment.
    • If applicable, you can review any other tasks/assignments you have by clicking the Go to review assignments button
    • Also, at any time in eCompliance, if you have Review Assignments/Tasks, they will appear on the main eCompliance dashboard page at the top (letter tray icon).
  • Once a decision has been made, an email will go to the Requestor with the decision.
  • The authorization form is now complete.


T. Chris Riley-Tillman
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness